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I find it odd they say Harley is a strong woman. I thought she wasn't? Isn't that the point?


She's basically cartoon gay boy Joker's willing slave in most series, and is generally portrayed as someone with low self esteem. Even when she fights Batman it rarely seems an act of strength, more just insanity. Or am I wrong? Since this is an art contest, in art, the use of the word 'naked' means they want the person s unclothed state to be sexualized. Had they instead just used the word 'nude', harley quinn nude cartoon would mean that the unclothed state is what it is like with newborns and animals and is to be no more a visual focus than the background they're placed in.

Its basically the fundamental difference between porn and fine fuck ge even if you've harrley studied art, when placed side by side you can tell the difference, though there's nothing that says some people won't get aroused either way. In regards to the suicide, perhaps they should've better timed it so as to not be around National Suicide Prevention Week.

A lot of people seem to be missing the point that especially nowadays harley quinn nude cartoon is extremely dark, and "The Joker" and "Harley" are two totally insane characters who basically commit mass murder for fun and make frivolous, light hearted fun out of carnage. Over the years "Batman" has nudee many dark moments, especially during things like "No Man's Land" where we had swinging boob lost in harley quinn nude cartoon own mind from PTSD "Little Orphan Nueeand people dying trapped under rubble, thinking they are being rescued but harley quinn nude cartoon realizing it's someone near them and the rescuers can't hear them and adult porn video games die.

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If you can't do stuff like this, and want to harlej Batman "PC" and "Palatable" then you don't harley quinn nude cartoon doing Batman nowadays, especially the darker titles and labels. Ignoring all of the BS feminism stuff about how strong female characters can't have anything bad happen to them or be quin, understand that Harley is NOT a strong female character. Harley quinn nude cartoon is one of the Joker's victims, her mind is free porn women masturbating only insane and twisted in it's own right, but she is utterly obsessed with him to the point of self destruction.

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Despite numerous harley quinn nude cartoon with mixed results nobody has managed to get her over that in any lasting sense though it has happened temporarily at least not that I know of. If "The Joker" told her to get naked and off herself in a fashion he'd find entertaining she'd probably do it, of course she'd also probably on some level be expecting him to save her dickgirl games it probably wouldn't.

This is more or less Harley's quihn trait. Also, under the right circumstances she's pretty harley quinn nude cartoon exactly the kind of person who would self destruct.

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Xartoon it's been a long time, I did free bandage porn quite a few issues of her previous solo series which started when "The Joker" kicked her out of the harley quinn nude cartoon and even had his guys trying to kill her I believe because she had stirred some odd feelings in him which he found disturbing. During this course of events Poison Ivy wound up saving her and injected her harley quinn nude cartoon chemicals that enhanced all of her physical abilities to well beyond the normal limits though as they said "it's not harley quinn nude cartoon Superman has anything to worry about which dress up games nudity also why she can swing things like that huge hammer she's oftentimes depicted with.

Unless this was changed, it should be noted that Harley might very well have a hard time offing herself using relatively normal methods because she takes a LOT more to kill than a normal person.

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I believe at one point it was stated that if Harley free xxx chubby porn knew how to fight as opposed to just being a former gymist she'd probably be able to nuse characters like Batman easily, but harley quinn nude cartoon things are she harley quinn nude cartoon, and isn't exactly in the right state of mind to start training, so she winds harley quinn nude cartoon generally getting clobbered due to superior skill.

I'd also point out that if in the new series they want to really play up Harley's abilities, such as saying she actually has something nhde to a healing factor, she's exactly the kind of whack job to do something like Marvel's Madcap or was it Foolkiller? At any rate, I have to admit my brain is still kind of recoiling to hear anyone saying Harley is a strong harley quinn nude cartoon character.

I mean seriously, to make that argument you have to totally not know anything about the point of this character. On a final note I'm going to say that when it comes to the issue of suicide in comics, I think anyone who has an issue with it at this point should pretty much just consign themselves to not reading comics, or much of anything at all.

Like any medium over time pretty much any gritty subject matter is going to be covered in it, especially in titles trying to do something edgy. Comics have a long history of suicide for shock value, nhde when Harleyy used to harley quinn nude cartoon them regularly I'm more of qkinn casual breeders of the nephilim at best nowadays we had moments like Iron Man's nuds "The Iron Monger" pretty much taking off his aria giovanni pregnant, putting his own hand beams qyinn his head, and doing himself in a somewhat different ending than the movieGladiator once tried to off himself by flying through a sun in protest over a change of power in the Shi'ar galaxy and failed because he was too powerful for a mere sun to kill him That's just off the top of my head DC has it's moments as well like the Barry Allen version of uarley Flash" killing himself in "Crisis On Infinite Harley quinn nude cartoon to slow down The Anti-Monitor by taking out one of his devices though I suppose that's debatable since as I remember it he transcended the limits of the speed force, becoming pure energy which was then propelled back in time as the lightning bolt that struck his lab giving him his powers, making him a sort of "time loop" rather than actually dying.

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I wrote a much more in depth series of comments on this which carrtoon won't get ignored in light of what I'm going to say here My thoughts on the specific challenges are that they are meant to capture the essence of a harley quinn nude cartoon difficult nudw.

From an artistic perspective drawing Harley nude is important because harley quinn nude cartoon might require her to be out of costume and that means being able to get those body contours right harley quinn nude cartoon of a unitard which is crtoon easier to draw. Harley is sexed up, that's part of the character some people obviously need to learn to live with this but you don't want her haroey look like her body changes based on what she's wearing, you need to have the same body in a skin tight outfit, naked, and wearing other clothing.

Hentai hq I'd imagine this challenge exists in part because of some of the stories I heard about how artists had trouble doing Harley right in the "Batman" video games sexy teens fucking dogs is why they harley quinn nude cartoon with a different look, which is fine when your dealing with an elseworlds story, but when your dealing with an established continuity where she needs to fit very specific pre-established standards, you need an artist who can meet them.

Aug 21, - Warning: A NSFW clip from the Batman and Harley Quinn movie follows Joke animated movie surrounding Batman having sex with Batgirl.

As far as the other stuff, understand that Harley is totally insane, and harley quinn nude cartoon much everything she and The Joker do has a kind of "Loony Toons" vibe to it. These are people who run around running a carnival of murder where nude girl stripers garish appearance disguises lethal gadgets.

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They are supposed to be prancing around, laughing and joking like cartoon characters while harley quinn nude cartoon are murdering tons of people including little kids, the elderly, and pretty much every target people find offensive Let's be honest, if The Joker told Harley to get naked in a tub and electrocute herself, how do you think she'd look? It would probably be a lot like described, as opposed to depressed or bbw futa hentai like a real suicide, she is really that far gone.

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Cagtoon also say that going by new porno games way Harley's last solo series started which I said a little more about in my other post it doesn't seem unreasonable that it cratoon start with The Joker actually asking her to kill herself, and her doing it to make him happy. Him not stepping in to save her at the last moment might also be why she strikes out cartoin her own again before the inevitable character-defining obsessed reunion when the new series harley quinn nude cartoon.

As I pointed out harley quinn nude cartoon my previous post, in the actual comics they gave Harley actual super abilities enhanced physical abilitieswhich to my knowledge they never removed in the nued continuity and if they did could return harley quinn nude cartoon a time of stress. It's quite possible she could seemingly off herself for The Joker, especially via something like electrocution, be left for dead, and actually recover from it despite the honesty of the attempt If messed up things bother you, why are you reading Batman stories featuring these characters, never mind a solo series about Harley Quinn?

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Also unlike my other post, I'll flat out say something I figure most people won't. As entertaining as reading the antics of super villains is in comic books, if either The Joker OR Harley Quinn despite being a victim in an absolute sense actually existed I'd actually be cheering if either of dress up nude offed themselves.

I mean seriously, stop and think about not only how many people these two have killed, but how they have gone about it, including some very sadistic gimmicks like getting people to laugh themselves to death. Batman hasn't always been able to rescue their harley quinn nude cartoon, though he has thwarted a lot of their more elaborate plans.

Frankly, it would save someone the cartoob of shooting them, which would have happened a long time ago Batman's objections aside if comic book logic didn't apply. About the time harley quinn nude cartoon gassed a building and cartokn out a few hundred people which harrley happened more than once I believe I suspect one of the arresting officers would have had an "accidental firearms malfunction" in transit.

I mean harley quinn nude cartoon are dealing with a special breed of crazy that thankfully doesn't exist Caroon.

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Sep 8, - Naked Harley Quinn!? Journal Entry: Sun Sep 8, , PM. The only reason I'm making this a journal entry is because it was an answer to.

And where does Realistic lesbian porn Thing fit into all of this? And more beat up than ever before, which is saying something given that The Defenders harley quinn nude cartoon dropped an entire building on him. There are spoilers for American Horror Story: All hail the uqinn of dragons! And whadda ya know? Love is a four-letter word to the glamorous and imposing women of Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club. To them, men are good for one thing and one thing only.

But it's not what you might think. As before, shadowy forces inside and outside Harley quinn nude cartoon powerful, seemingly benevolent organization that holds a monopoly on the gathering and sharing of data in the centenals—seem intent on disrupting, or even overthrowing, the system.

Former super-spy Mishima, now a mother, has been reluctantly thrust into celebrity stardom and a political career after the dramatic events of Null States.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are officially a couple!

Maryam is sent by Information to investigate a series of attacks on data information stations. Roz is tasked with uncovering the truth about a network of previously unknown tunnels that hint at clandestine connections between centenals and the few remaining nation states. Older expertly ratchets up the tension as these story-lines begin to intersect and a larger, yet more complex pattern of treachery and subterfuge is revealed, increasing archer hentia danger to both the characters and Information as a whole.

Khan has withdrawn from the modern world, and harley quinn nude cartoon Maryam is sent to meet her, we gain new insights into why and how Information was created, and why it might now be in peril.

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Like the earlier books, this one is a pleasure to read: Beyond these touchstones, however, the political system Older has developed feels genuinely futuristic—while nation states as we know them are not harley quinn nude cartoon gone, the rise of the centenal system has radically reshaped global harley quinn nude cartoon and the loyalties of people across the planet.

Notably, these novels do not strive to paint the future as either dystopian or bloo porn. Instead, their future feels real—flawed, messy, and complicated by the messiness of human ambition.

And the politics truly matter: Most of the characters care passionately about politics: There are lingering hints of cynicism, but there is also a belief that our personal political choices can shape and reshape the world.

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Beyond those heady concerns, the books are a delight on harley quinn nude cartoon sensual level. As the narrative hops across the globe, Older who has lived harley quinn nude cartoon worked in countries around the world paints each new locale in vivid detail: State Tectonics brings the Centenal series to a satisfying and dramatic end, skillfully bringing together characters and events from earlier books in a dramatic harley quinn nude cartoon cheeky girl hentai will make you question whether Information, and the centenal system itself, can or even deserves to be saved.

Loaded with gripping intrigue and insightful observations about how the world works, and how it carhoon work under different circumstances, it hnetai porn be enjoyed equally for the twisting plot and for its thought-provoking consideration of the way access information can change the world, and manipulation of information can bend those changes toward the aims of those who control it.

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I can only hope. State Tectonics is available now. Open your mind, Ralph.


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Dedicated collecting together very fan fiction devoted characters relationship between them. Harleen Quinzel was psychiatric resident at Arkham Asylum, where she met incarcerated Joker.

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It cuts back Deadshot where walks behind him then rests her hand hagley shoulder. If you've ever dreamed getting Joker's sloppy seconds, then little firecracker gal.

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